Floral Mishaps

Flowers by Charlotte's Fiesta Flowers - Photo by Susanne Michelle Photography

It happens.  Even the best laid plans can fall apart.  What if they fall apart on your wedding day?  Who will take care of the last minute disasters (big or small) that will inevitably pop up?

Take this wedding I officiated last fall…my bride and groom decided they didn’t need me as a Day of Coordinator because their venue offered an on-site coordinator.  This particular bride had a black and white wedding with bright pink flowers.  When I got there for the ceremony, her flowers were all dead or dying!  The boutonnieres were all droopy – the best man was even missing 3 petals from his.  It looked like he’d gotten hungry and needed a snack!  The grandmothers’ corsages were all white roses that were already browning on the edges.  And my corsage had been put together with electrical tape!  My bride did not express any distress to me regarding her flowers, but I was distressed for her – I’d known how important they were to her.

And let me emphasize this:  these were professionally done flowers.  She had not done them herself, or asked for help from a family member.  She PAID for these flowers.

A good wedding planner or Day of Coordinator would never have accepted delivery of flowers in that condition.  Had I been her DoC I would have refused delivery, demanded her money back, or at the very least insisted they be fixed.  Had they been unfixable, I would have called one of my floral contacts for help – or even run to HEB to put together the flowers myself. 

On another occasion, a very reputable, highly desirable florist actually put dead flowers in the centerpieces.  Luckily I was there, and I was the DoC.  I had the dead flowers removed and replaced.  Crisis averted.  What if I hadn’t been there?  You spend a lot of money on flowers – you deserve to have the freshest flowers possible.

Of course the moral of this story is to hire a professional wedding planner or Day of Coordinator so if something like this happens on your wedding day you can rest easy knowing it is being taken care of…but there is a sub-moral here as well: no matter how important the details seem to you, they are even more important to me.

Be Carefree,



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I am passionate that everyone should enjoy your wedding day - stress free! Read on to learn how to be the Carefree Bride.
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