The Ring Shot

Photo by Susanne Michelle Photography

 I can’t lie – I love jewelry…especially sparkly rings!  I love seeing engagement rings.  Every bride to be has a different ring and I love hearing the stories behind their choices.  For instance my husband had a couple of diamonds removed from my ring and replaced them with sapphires – my favorite gem stone (aside from diamonds of course).  It completely changed the look of my ring and I love that it is one of a kind.

Hopefully everyone loves their rings – and wants a great picture of them on their wedding day.  A lot of brides will get a special manicure so her hands are camera ready.  But sometimes the best pictures happen when the ring is off the hand.

Your photographer will probably ask for your rings at some point during your reception and will run off and take pictures for you.  But it doesn’t hurt to think about it in advance – how do you want your ring photo to look?

My photographer took our rings and came up with several great ring shots using décor from our wedding.  She used our wedding invitation, my bridal bouquet, and (my favorite) our centerpieces.  We don’t have any shots of the rings on our hands…which was fine with me.  If it is important to you though, be sure to tell your photographer!

This spring I did a wedding in Tyler, Texas at the Tyler Rose Garden.  The photographer was a semi-pro friend of the family and he really didn’t know how to stage a good ring shot.  I suggested using the bride’s grandfather’s bible (which was special to her and used in the ceremony) with the famous Tyler roses.  The resulting shot was one of the bride’s favorites from the entire day and she had the photo enlarged to hang in her bedroom.

And don’t forget any other special jewelry you are wearing that day.  I made sure my photographer got a picture of the headband I made from my grandmother’s antique choker, as well as the pearl necklace my son bought me on a family vacation.  Grandmother’s pearls, an heirloom ring, or a wedding day gift from your groom to be – be sure to get great photos to remember how special they are.  Maybe someday you will hand them down to a daughter or granddaughter – how great would it be to show a picture of you wearing them on your wedding day as well? 

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  1. Oksana Lanis says:

    I also love jewelry and this shot of the rings 🙂

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